"Since I met Melissa 2 years ago, I have seen a complete transformation of my body.  I lost all the weight I set out to achieve AND am stronger physically now because Mel was there to egg me on, inspire me, motivate me and help me see the light at the end of the tunnell, between my huffing and puffing through each session. 

She has done for me what no other trainer I have ever had has done. And believe me when I say – "I have been through a lot of them"   Mostly Melissa is excellent at keeping me motivated. She now knows me well enough to sense when my spirit lags or slows down. She knows when to push and when to ease up on the exercises she gives me.  Most of the P/T's out there train by rote. In other words, they don't recognize the personal needs of each client. They are disconnected and mostly indifferent about the exercise programs they give you. You slowly become – "just another hour to go through until the next appointment…"  Melissa is so personally involved with each of her clients, She is perceptive, instinctive and consistent.   I am a very erratic, sometimes lazy exerciser. I cheat a lot on my diet and groan when my reps are ripping my muscles off and whine when weights are too heavy to lift. But Melissa doesnt hear any of it and just keeps powering the motor of my waning willpower. 
I need Melissa in my life. I am very lucky she answered my ad for a P/T – 2 years ago.
Thank you Mel, from the bottom of my Nikes!"
-Linda B (2012) 


"I spent this last summer attempting to get healthy, but I struggled to manage my food intak, work out conistently, and see results I liked.  Four months ago I took my weight loss goal seriously to get healthy and in shape for my sister's wedding.  My trainer Melissa has been a complete blessing!  She's helped me effectively track my food and kept me accountable for it.  I've learned to eat what I want but still keep it healthy and within proportion.  She pushes me physically and mentally to meet my goals in the gym.  In the last four months I've lost over 30 lbs, three sizes, and countless inches.  More importantly I have gained a renewed sense of self-confidence!  Thank you, Melissa, for encouraging me every step of the way-I could not do it without you!" 

-Emily  (2011)


"I think it was Jeremy who asked me a question yesterday and I was so blown away by it I didn't even know how to answer…..while standing in my trainer's office, you asked if I was happy with my progress.  My whole life, I never, EVER was interested in exercising, so, even for a somewhat educated person, I truly did not know, 5 months ago, what to expect.  This has been a most intresting exploration! 

I came in and told Melissa the first time that if she yelled at me like I had seen on TV, I would never return.  She never has.  She has been supportive, encouraging, understanding, helpful, firm, knowledgeable….she has gone beyond the parameters of her job in her levels of caring.  Everything she has told me has been the spot-on truth, including how and when to eat, what, when, and how to foam roll, etc…  While I have 90% followed her directions, when I didn't, I saw the consequences and they were just what she said they would be!!

As most people seem to do, I have wanted to see instant results and been disappointedwhen I didn't.  However, Melissa has been very gentle in letting me know that this is real life and those things don't happen that way!!  When she has seen my disappointment, she has encouraged me and told me what to really expect.  

I still hate to exercise, hate to move, still consider that heaven would be laying in my recliner, covered with a blankie, with a good chocolate bar, good book, good music and some cats to pet.  Exercise is pure torture, I still think, and I hate to come every day.  But!  I can do more then I ever had in my life; my balance is incredibly better; every nagging health issue I have has improved (I snore less, breathe better, cholesterol is down and I take it on faith that my heart is better); I now am happy on HALF the antidepressants that I used to take, even if I don't FEEL any better right after exercising; I don't hesitate to run up my stairs at home, take out the garbage, etc..; I am not intimidated by the gym; I can keep up with family members on vacations…… and I lost 20 lbs (out of my goal of 50) and fit in some clothes I never have before!

And I credit Melissa with most of that.  Yes, I have to get there and do it, but she knows her stuff!!  Please give her full credit for saving my life!!"

-Lynn (2011)