Meet the Trainer!



Melissa currently offers one on one, Skype virtual training, and small group training in Las Vegas, NV and work with athletes, couples, small groups, and young adults.  She is also a co-founder of the Desert Running Club in South Las Vegas, which offers group runs to all levels & ages.  She loves to workout and be outside and tries her hardest to bring that love out of each and every client.  “I believe everyone can achieve a new level in their fitness and improve their current lifestyle and outlook on life.”

I began my career in finance and went from banking, to insurance, to financial planning.  It was NOT for me! My passion was always helping people, but it wasn't until 2008 I realized the best way to do just that.  I decided to become a certified personal trainer in 2008 and REALLY do something I loved, something that had purpose, and something that would promote the healthy lifestyle I wanted.  Here I am today, happy, healthy, and helping others.  Training is my way to help other people find their personal passion and their ability to be healthy and strong.  I pride myself on being honest, a good listener, creative with my clients programming, and supportive in every aspect of my client's lives.  I try not to be just a trainer, but a positive piece in their lives because after all, training entails a lifestyle change, not just a workout. 

  I have had my share of struggling with weight and body image for many years through high school, but it wasn't until about 2005 I finally hit my peak of happiness and felt the best I have ever felt.  In 2009, I found my passion for powerlifting.  I competed in the USPF NorCal Regional Open Powerlifting Event and took home first place in the women's open division.  Now, I am competing in ultramarathons and improving on my PR's and strive to progress with each and every race I train for.  I try to get my clients to do the same, to focus on continual improvement, not on the number.  Your body can change and exceed in so many respects, why limit it to one of weight.  I have clients who never thought they would complete their first 5K, but they have completed multiple.  I have clients who never thought they would be able to tie their shoes without pain, but they can.  

I want all of my clients to find a fun way to stay healthy and make those lifestyle changes that will point them in the right direction.  Every person is different, and I understand this.  That is why I treat each client as an individual, customizing their workouts to their goals & lifestyle.  My goal is to help anyone I can, reach whatever goal they have in a safe and efficient way.  Diet is key.  Exercise is needed.  Guidance is crucial. 

Race Accolades: 

Team USA World Duathlon Championships qualifier 2013 

Amica Duathlon 1:31:50 (3rd female overall)

50 miler 9:15:14 (3rd overall, 2nd female overall)

51K 5:22:13 (4th in age group)

50K 5:48:56 (2nd female overall)

10K 52:44 (3rd in age group)

5K 24:17 (1st in age group)


Melissa has a BS in Finance from Rochester Institute of Technology and is a certified personal trainer.  She is a Certified Running Coach through the RRCA and currently holds a NASM CPT, NESTA PFT, ACE CPT, Kettlebell Concepts Certification, TRX Certification, and CPR/AED certification.  She has worked with teens as well as the elderly, people with corrective issues as well as athletes. She is the editor of  and Co-founder of the Las Vegas Runners in south Las Vegas.