Every Run Can’t Be Great

Every Run Can’t Be Great

This is the post where I become vulnerable and basically put myself out there.  The title speaks volumes, every run can't be great.  Period.  I will tel you the chain of events today and then we can disect and digest.  I started off with some usual foam rolling and dynamic stretching pre run, typical day.  As I started out for my 11 mile hilly run, I glanced down at my GPS and realized about a mile in that it wasn't connecting to the signal.  As I stood there for a few minutes, I finally sucked it up and came back home.  So, I hopped in my car and headed over to the gym where I was determined to get my run done, after feeling a little ticked at the watch.  About 4 miles in, knee didn't feel so hot.  It was one of those pains where you could probably keep running, but you knew it wouldn't go away.  And since it wasn't there until today, I made the concious effort to throw in the towel.  I'm not one to risk myself on a training run.  

Now here is the tough part, and I am curious as to how many people suffer the same ailment.  I spend the next hour questioning my decision, with that internal monologue that is a mix of excuses, over analyzing, feeling down about myself, and anger.  It's a chore to get myself to realize it is one day in hundreds of days and hundreds of miles.  Today is not going to make or break my race.  Period.  


How many people go through that internal discussion with yourself?

Do you find it hard to bring yourself to the point of surrender?


Now I will admit, not all runs are easy & fun, BUT, for the most part I always feel good when I do them.  They all provide some piece towards my progress and move me forward in some way.  Even these days where it feels like you hit a slump that you think you'll never crawl out of, it's the ability to persevere, and jump right into tomorrow's run, that makes you successful.  Athletes are those who can be resiliant and focus on the end goal.  And today, I'm going to be an athlete. 

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