Ultra Ultrarunning Debut in 4 days!

Ultra Ultrarunning Debut in 4 days!

Now you're probably wondering what ultrarunning has to do with yellow cake & chocolate frosting.  Well, what do you think about during your ultraruns?  it never fails, on top of thoughts of running form, pacing, distance left, distance covered, and how long you can wait until using the restroom, are the thoughts of what your reward will be post race.  Often I think about things I am going to indulge in after I finish, things I normally don't partake in during training season.  It never fails.  Every race, I think of the food I am about to enjoy only to come to the finish, basque in my glory, and end up eating something quick & easy so I can enjoy my nap ASAP.  Rarely is thre cake, pizza, or ice cream, but still, it is a great thing to keep you motivated and tell yourself to finish the race.  

Sunday April 22nd, will be my first ultrarun after my marathon debut in November.  Since then, I have been looking forward to this race and training HARD!  I managed to cut my weight by about 15lbs, manage to get my average pace down from about 10:30 to 9:45 or so, and can now run 3 hours without even blinking.  I have completed 98% of my runs with no music or assistance, which allows me to focus on my form, the environment, and my own thoughts of other things going on.  I find my runs to be an ideal time to plan and organize my thoughts, and my life.  

The run is the Labor of Love, in Lovell Canyon Las Vegas.  it consists of 95% hilly terrain, including a steep grade downhill on about mile 5 and then that same fabulous climb upward at mile 26 or so.  Seeing the course was a little daunting, but I now use the visual to motivate me and prepare for what is coming.  I am determined to finish under 6 hours and am highly optimistic that I may be able to place for this race!  

Wish me Luck! 


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