One Week Out & Six Weeks to Go

One Week Out & Six Weeks to Go

As of yesterday March 3rd, it is one week away from the Red Rock Half Marathon which means only 6 weeks until my first ultrarun!  50K run in Lovell Canyon, Las Vegas, NV.  Sunday morning, lots o' hills, and going to be a great run.  I'm nervous, I won't lie, but the hill training has made such a difference.  Red Rock is the perfect training ground to have my final race prior to the 50K.  The loop is full of hills and beautiful to run in.  So what does one do the week before a half marathon?  Well, seeing as it is a short run compared to my 17 & 18 mile long runs, it means business as usual with a different day off.  It includes a tempo run, a hill run, and a couple of training sessions with my fabulous trainer :-)  Business as usual!

So the real focus of course, is on April's run.  The excitement is pushing myself to see if I can make it through an ultra distance and experience either the feeling of joy, accomplishment, anxiety OR the feeling of pain, exhaustion, and weakness.  All I know is after my marathon I felt pain alright, but also accomplishment and success!  It is an emotional experience you can never describe and that everyone should experience.  It is such a rush, one that can carry you to your next long run!  

I do have some advice.  Those tidbits that I have learned through this training that will keep you sane & progressing. 

1) Stretch(for real!): Yeah yeah yeah, that's what I always said when someone said you should stretch.  Now?  Well, without stretching comes unnecessary injuries that don't necessarily get better.  Even if it's yoga, 15 mins at home, or a full on active stretching session, do something for our own good! 

2) Try to relax: For the past month or two I have run my long runs and easy runs, without music.  That's right, 17 miles with no music, no distraction.  The most amazing part is that I am able to think about my week, my life, my plans.  I get to hear the city, focus on my form & body movement.  Since I have done this, along with the track workouts(thank you Jeremy!), my upper body form is SO much improved.  It has allowed me to become more efficient and relax on my runs.  I enjoy it instead of work so hard at it. 

3) Eat Clean 90% of the time: Notice I did not say 100%.  I am after all, human and realistic.  I myself cheat and go on spurts of "not so good" food.  If you workout according to your schedule and eat well most of the time, you will likely not pay a price. Just don't be dumb and try to dive into that ice cream sunday the night before a long run.  Time it smartly.  I track my food, as I have most of the time, and it really REALLY does make you more aware and smarter about your choices.  


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