Holiday Havoc Training

Holiday Havoc Training

The holidays are one of the hardest times to stay on your fitness regimen, let alone make progress.  I decided the way I was going to conquer this issue was to sign up for my 2nd marathon on Jan 7th.  The object is to keep me on track by having an end race goal in sight.  Without that, I think the holidays would easily take me over!  With the plan being a 50K in April, there can't be 2-3 months lost in the holiday abyss.  As a las vegas personal trainer, I see it all the time with clients, gym members, and other trainers.  Even my peers suffer with staying on track.  There are a few things you can do to make the season a little more healthy. 

1) Set a schedule and stick to it!  If you workout on Mondays through Fridays, then do it!  If you train 2X a week with a trainer, maybe think about increasing to 3X around the holidays.  If you are an endurance athlete, sign up for an event to keep you on track. 

2) Set a goal!  Signing up for an race or event in January or February can allow you to stay on track.  It can give you an end goal and therefore make setting a schedule even easier.  If you have no endpoint you are trying to reach, it can be hard to stay out of trouble when the temptations get bigger.  Knowing you have a race to complete will hopefully help keep away that second piece of pie. 

3) Do not allow yourself to overdo it!  I know there will be holiday parties, there will be gatherings, dinners, and lots of good eats. The worst thing you can do is give in to each temptation.  Allow yourself to enjoy the holidays festivities and splurge a little.  Just ensure you stay as much on track as you can with your nutrition and avoid letting the splurge carry into the next day or next week. 


Just setting small goals can help keep the end of year craziness from making your body crazy too.  Stay no track, be smart, reach your goal and you will come out in 2012 feeling great! 


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