Trying to Get Started & Run?

Trying to Get Started & Run?

One of the hardest parts of beginning a workout regimen is getting started.  When it comes to running, if you aren't seasoned it can be a daunting task.  What has become very popular is running in a group setting.  Several benefits come from running with others.

**Accountability: Would you let down your group, let alone yourself?

**Company: It is a lot easier to run when you can chat or just have somebody with you.  If you're competitive like me, it gives into a perfect chance to show them what you got!

**Pacing:  Being new to running, you probably have no idea what your pace is or what it should be.  Having a group will help you keep up with the group and not give into falling behind. 

**A Sounding Board: If you're having an off day or a great day, running partners can be there to encourage, motivate, and keep you on track with your runs.  We all have those days, it's how you get through them that counts!

**Racing partners:  Nothing more nerve racking then the first race.  Having a running group can lead to taking that group into your first actual race.  You'll be comfortable with the pace, the people, and the race will become nothing but another run in the park….literally!



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