Planning for Progression

Planning for Progression

So eventhough it is still 2.5 months away, the excitement for the Ragnar relay is building up.  My runs have improved in their speed, my stamina, my gait, all of it!  Truth of the matter is, without proper planning none of it would be possible.  Here are some tips that have helped me that can help you improve your runs and prepare for your next race. 


1) Track all run times & distances.  Now there are numerous online websites you can use to track your runs on the computer or even on your phone.  Me, I opt for the old school method.  Pen & paper.  That's right, I keep a running log of my daily workouts including cross training, run distances, outdoor vs treadmill runs, and run times.  This allows me to track my weekly mileage, my progress, and it also allows me to ensure that I am getting enough speed, hill, and long distance training. 

2) Track your food.  Nutrition is as important, if not more important, ad tracking your workouts.  Without the proper diet, your runs will not improve and you leave yourself prone to fatigue & regression.  A couple of pointers to remember when it comes to diet, get enough carbs!  Yes, do not shy away from the main energy source.  It can lead to fatiguing early on runs, losing muscle mass due to insuffuficient carb levels, and plateauing.  It is important to stay hydrated as well, especially before, during, and after longer runs.  You need to feed if you want to get ahead. 

3) Mix up your runs. Time, weather, and physical feeling can all affect your workouts.  That is why it is important to mix it up with speed training, cross training, longer runs, hill intervals, and recovery days.  ALL are important for progression and by cutting out any one of them, you are leaving yourself open to plateauing.  On those days when schedules don't allow for a 3hr run, intervals can be the perfect fit and just as beneficial to improving speeds & distances on runs. 


Mixing it up will keep you from getting bored and keep you feeling positive about your progress.  Whether your trying to lose weight or train for a run, triathlon, or marathon, you can't do it without the proper preparation. 


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