It’s a Love Hate Relationship

It’s a Love Hate Relationship

For any of us who are involved in ANY sort of exercise/movement/living on a daily basis, muscle tension can be the villian of our lives.  It is imperative to revive your muscles after a long day of work & exercise.  You can not use your muslces and lose them or you can use your muscles so much, that they crack (or in this case snap) under the pressure.  Not a good feeling and it really puts a damper on your workout regimen.

There are many avenues you can take for relaxing your muscles.  You can foam roll, you can do yoga, you can do dynamic stretching, static stretching, or get massages.  Today I did something which I rarely do and got a massage.  Now everyone who is anyone loves a massage, right?  Well, I have never been a huge fan and I think the hang up has to do with the need to lie still for a whole hour!  Very challenging for me.  Well since I have been increasing my mileage for my runs and approaching race day, I wanted to make sure I took care of my body by giving it a monthly break.  Not only did I feel light as air afterwards, but my neck felt like it went from a turkey neck sticking out farther then my chest, to pulled so far back, I could actually feel neutral spine.  It was fantastic!  He was wonderful, relaxing, knowledgable, and his name is Corey Buck.  Like his facebook page! ( If you are in the Vegas area, you must go see him for he is wonderful!  So since I have somewhat turned to liking and knowing I need a massage, this will be continuing at least once a month. 

One other thing I take advantage of frequently is foam rolling.  Now for those of you who haven't been introduced to it or think it sound like some kid's sport, visit this link and read about the benefits and why you should incorporate it.  When I feel a muscle is tight or overworked, foam rolling helps me catch it and loosen up before it gets worse, or even halts my progress completely.  ( 


It is important to strengthen your muscles and keep them strong & functional.  It is just important to give them rest & relaxation….in the form of stretching.  Take care of your body!

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