Week #4: The Nutrition Project

Week #4: The Nutrition Project

So we are at the end of week #4 on this nutrition journey, or experiment as I like to call it.  In all honesty, I feel fantastic!  The food tracking has been on a daily basis and has allowed me to keep a close eye on the nutrition content of the foods I eat.  Now to some of those from the outside, it may seem like I don't eat much.  I beg to differ.  I am consuming anywhere from 1200-1500 calories per day, eating at least 6 times per day and usually more, and I am not feeling any hunger or lack of energy.  I have cut back my energy drink consumption to maybe one every 2 weeks, coffee down from 1 per day to 1 every 2 weeks, and my training has never felt better! 

I thought it may be helpful to see a day's worht of nutrition to get a better idea of what it is I am consuming.  Take into account that when I started I was about 157lbs and I am now down to about 145lbs.  My running distances & speeds have increased and are progressively improving as well. 

Here is an example PRE nutrition project:  Total calories: 1355/61g protein, 155g carbs, 31g fat

breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, 1 serving oatmeal (23g p, 29g c, 9g f)

snack: 1/2 cup great grains cereal (4g p, 40g c, 4g f)

lunch: 2c cabbage, deli turkey, 1 serving oatmeal, 1T fat free italian (23g p, 18g c, 3g f)

snack: 5 oz rice, mixed veggies (8g p, 45g, c, 14g f)

dinner: 4t hummus, 1 cucumber, 2 glasses of white wine (3g p, 24g c, 2g f)


Here is an example POST nutrition project: Total Calories: 1390/101g protein, 228g carbs, 12g fat)

breakfast: apex protein shake w/ water, banana (23g p, 31g c, 2g f)

snack: 1/2c kidney beans, 1/2c corn (9g p, 37g c, 2g f)

snack: apex shake w/ water (22g p, 3g c, 1g f)

snack: 1/2c kidney beans, 1/2c corn, 3/4c pasta (16g p, 76g c, 4g f)

dinner: apex shake w/ water, 1c corn (25g p, 29g c, 3g f)

snack: 3/4c pasta, cabbage, spicy mustard, an apple (6g p, 54g c, 1g f)


Comparing the two days worth of meals, I can say that the former day probably included at least ONE energy drink if not two.  Also, my training was not as cardio centric nor as intense as it is now.  With the latter meals, I have energy throughout the day, I am not hungry to the point of breaking my structure, and I feel great on my longer runs & rides.  If I have an energy drink or coffee, it actually GIVES me energy!  Go figure!  Now don't get me wrong, during these 4 weeks I have had 2 cocktails, pizza, frozen custard, and candy, BUT…..the thing is, if I didn't pay the price by feeling it in my runs then I felt it in my body.  Those foods that are not as easily processed really take their toll on your body and it's ability to efficiently convert calories into energy. 

This structure may not be for everyone and yes, it will have to be modified as weight is dropped and as my training changes.  The lesson to be learned is that clean eating leads to a much easier training regimen and a more positive outlook on progress.  It isn't worth it to me to spend more money on processed foods when I am going to pay even more for it later on my runs.  It's all about the energy baby!

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