Week #2

Week #2

Week #1 has completed and we are now into week #2 on the nutrition project.  Just wanted to give some feedback on the results, feelings, modifications I have made.  I must say, I can see an increase in my energy level after the first couple of days which is great!  The initial objective was to keep the nutrition structured to cut weight while increasing training.  Now that the food is pretty much under control and any needed modifications have been made, we can now focus on the training side.  

The protein shakes are perfect!  I wasn't sure if it would be enough to stave off hunger throughout the day, but the 22g per shake really does it's job to keep my muscles fed and keep me satiated.  I have been doing about 4 shakes a day, which consists of whey protein & water.  It is perfect for sipping on at work or while I'm in the middle of a group of client sessions.  Keeping the carbs in between and frequently throughout the day, helps keep the energy levels up and gives me a constant flow to avoid a crash.   No coffee or energy drinks have been had and I find that my energy is much higher then before when I was consuming at least one a day.  There were a couple of days when the nutrition was different, but being aware of what I am eating has kept me on track with the plan. 

As for the affects on my training, I did notice a couple of bouts of slight fatigue in the beginning, but after the adjustments were made, I had no issues.  Because I generally train earlier in the day, I decided to move my larger meal to lunch time and keep the evening hours down to protein shakes and veggies.  

So at the end of week #1 I have managed to cut out energy drinks & coffee.  I have gone from about 157lbs to 149lbs (some of this had been gained during the month prior, so it did come off quicker then expected).  I feel better throughout the day, during my training sessions, and am more focused during client sessions.  My training, especially the running, has improved and I can see noticeable progress already which is great!  I would say so for it is a success and I plan to continue and share my results!  

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