Bring on the Protein!

Bring on the Protein!

OK, so we have reached the end of our first week on the nutrition program and I must say, I am feeling great!  This week has been good in a few respects.

I notice my training sessions are more effective for my clients.  I am more focused and more attentive then ever.  This is great considering my schedule has ramped up dramatically.  

I have more energy then I have ever had and feel great.  There were a couple of instances where I was dragging, but with some movement of the daily meal I have managed to keep it timed to my workouts to avoid a dip in my energy levels.  For most days I have moved the full meal to earlier in the day, which is after my workouts usually.  The protein shakes are fulfilling my appetite and so far I have only needed about 3-4 per day.  

I have lost about 6+ lbs so far, which brings me back to my lowest weigh in point.  The goal?  Another 10lbs and to drop into the 130's.  


I will keep continual updates on my progress, changes to the program and pros/cons.   My advice?  Stay clean and workout to be lean.  You can do it! 

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