Kettlebells & Marathon Training?

Kettlebells & Marathon Training?

Written by Melissa

Topics: personal trainer

Yes, kettlebells and running.  You see, they are the perfect addition to keep up with resistance training while not gaining muscle mass.   The objective is to keep your upper body in shape and keep your strength up, while not adding extra muscle weight.  It is counter productive to be building muscle while trying to stay quick on your runs.  I like to add kettlebells in a couple times a week on top of my normal training.  Here are some good exercises you can add that will target your upper body & core.  


Turkish getups

Kettlebell press

Kettlebell snatches

Kettlebell swings

Kettlebell side swings

Kettlebell cleans

Kettlebell push press

Kettlebell Bent Press

Kettlebell High Pull


You can set them with interval runs, add them in as a post run circuit, or do them on their own on an off day from run training.  Any way, they are a great addition to the training plan.  

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