Goodbye Weekend, Hello Training

Goodbye Weekend, Hello Training

This being the first weekend of prepping myself, mentally and physically, for the upcoming race on June 25th.  I was reflecting today about having 3 weeks to train and get myself up to a decent 10 min mile pace for the half marathon.  The plan?  Well, Here goes….

Monday Lower body strength/Kettlebell work/cardio

Tuesday Cardio/Misc

Wednesday Upper body work/sprint intervals

Thursday Misc work (row, spin, elliptical, smaller run)

Friday Mid length run

Saturday  Interval run/Spinning

Sunday  Long training day (run, bike, cross training)


Including two days of strength training will ensure maintaining lean muscle needed without building up unneeded muscle mass.  Runs will be mixed with outdoors and treadmill, getting outside at least 2X per week (schedule permitting will determine which days).  Diet is higher in carbs to ensure energy is maintained for workouts.  Would like to incorporate swims in after the race to test out training for triathlon. 

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