Is it Time to Update Your Workout?

Is it Time to Update Your Workout?

So you go in 4-5 times a week.  Run 30 minutes and then do some abs for about 15 mins.  Everything is good right?  WRONG!  Ok, I never meant to discount anyone's efforts at all, but it is a fact that doing the same thing over and over will limit your progress.  If you do the same thing expecting a different result, well, what does that make you??  The key is to add in new types of exercises, new equipment, different workout style.  All changes will heed a better result.  I found some easy changes you can make without having to invest in anything crazy or allocate extra time to working out.  If anything, the more efficient you can be, the less time you will end up needing.  

TRX: The TRX is a GREAT device and makes varying your workouts even easier.  It can be used anywhere, with as little as a door or a tree, and can be used on virtually every part of your body.  The suspension system consists of two straps which are wrapped around or tied onto something sturdy.  You can hit your abs, work on balance, hit your glutes, your quads, your back, and more.  it is a great option for trainers on the go or just home workouts if you are short on time.  It can be bought for about $190.  

Kettlebells: These little cowbell looking weights are a great way to vary it up form using only dumbbells.  The weight distribution is different then that of a barbell or dumbbell, therefore making it harder for your body to control.  You can perform front squats, deadlifts, situps, lunges, windmills, turkish get ups, and much more.  They come in different sizes and weights so my advice is to buy an interchangeable one that you can easily up the weight on. 

Medicine Balls: Little bundles of joy, that's what I say :-)  Medicine balls are easy to move and carry and can be used for entire body workouts.  You can opt for a firmer version or a softer one that has no give at all.  Great for ball slams


These are just a few options for resistance additions to your workouts.  Even if you have 30 minutes, a 30 minute circuit twice a day can make or break your progress.  

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