Eggs Are Good For You!

Eggs Are Good For You!

Written by Melissa

Topics: diet tips, Nutrition, weight loss

Read an article today that was all about the egg and how wonderful they are!  The egg: one of the best sources for a complete protein.  Protein is found in both the yolks and the whites, so eating a full egg can be beneficial in many ways.  Protein, vitamin D, along with 12 other vitamins & minerals.  Eggs are great, in moderation like anything else.  Though eggs are yes, a tad bit high in fat, they should be consumed sparingly BUT, most of the fat is unsaturated.  If you stick to stayig at one egg a day or less, you should be just fine.  If you have cholesterol issues, be aware of limitations this may put on your egg consumption.  

In full, eggs are NOT bad.  Egga ARE included in a healthy diet.  Eggs are a GREAT source of protein :-)  An egg a day, helps make you stronger by the day!  

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