Overcoming the Dreaded Hurdle

Overcoming the Dreaded Hurdle

You are on a roll, you have been working out frequently and eating well and then it happens.  You hit that day when something goes wrong, when the stress level is high and you feel like it all starts falling apart.  Everyone, and I mean everyone has these days.  The major difference between people?  How we deal with them.  

I will never act like all my days are sunny, I never have stress, everything always goes well.  That is ridiculous!  I wanted to share some of the ways I push through those tough days and keep myself on track.  There are a few tricks I use that have helped me keep on track to my fitness goals. 

**Talk yourself to positive!  Sometimes all it takes is a little kick in the pants…from yourself.  Whether you like to workout on our own or in a boot camp or group setting, you need to always keep yourself on the optimistic end of the spectrum.  Once hope and long term vision is gone, it is hard to get yourself back in gear and on the right track. 

**Hire a Professional! That's right, I said hire a professional.  The best thing you can do for yourself, especially in the beginning of ANY major change, is to enlist the input and expertise of someone who is known as knowledgeable in the industry.  Things to look for when shoping a trainer?  Here are a few things I tell all my clients to look for.  1) Make sure your trainer is certified.  2) Ask your trainer what her/his goals are.  3) Ask what populations your trainer has worked with.  4) Ask for testemonials from current or past clients (this can really help see the results they were able to get their current clients) 

**Change it up at least every 3 weeks! If you are doing a program of cardio with a couple days of weights, change it up a bit!  Add in some free weights in place of the machines.  Change up your cardio with some interval runs, hill intervals on the bike, stair runs, or jumping rope.  After a couple of weeks, your body begins to become proficient with the workout you are doing.  If you can change it up while staying on track to your goals, you will see results in no time! 

**Don't fall under because of one day.  So you slipped up and had a cookie for dessert after lunch.  Don't let it ruin your whole effort and your whole day.  Everyone slips up once in a while or allows themselves the ability to enjoy a little indulgence.  The problem is when it starts to leak into other meals, days, weeks and ends up taking over your drive.  Don't lose sight of the prize!  A small slip up such as a cookie is recoverable if you stay on track with your workouts and regular nutrition habits.  

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