Even God Rested on the Seventh Day

Even God Rested on the Seventh Day

Do you have trouble taking a break?  I know it sounds ridiculous, but you would be surprised how many people are unable to take a day off.  The problem?  Your body NEEDS that rest day to recover, repair, and replenish.  If you are working out everyday, chances are you will hit a wall or even get sick or maybe never progress in your workouts.  

As someone who is active 7 days a week, I am here to tell you that in order to "rest", it doesn't mean you can't do anything!  My rest day consists of a spin class or a long walk, but no resistance and nothing too strenuous.  The point is, I give myself a day to recover while still keeping it active.  If you are running 4 days a week and doing strength training 2 days a week, that 7th day should be an easy walk, or hike, or yoga class, etc..  If you are a bodybuilder, your 7th day consists of easy cardio, walking, biking, etc..  If you are trying to lose weight and you are working out with a mix of cardio & resistance, your 7th day should be an easy walk or outdoor activity like kickball, softball, volleyball, etc..  The point is, the 7th day is an EASY day.  I know, I can't believe I said to take it easy one day, but it is necessary.  

No matter what your workouts look like, the 7th day should be low intensity, low key, and something you enjoy doing.  It is a day to relax your muscles, your mind, and gear up for the next week's training!  Trust me, even the most intense athletes take a day off.  

Happy Earth Day!  In honor of earth day, get out into the fresh air and go for a walk or run outdoors.  

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