There is Always Time

There is Always Time

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

I love the excuse "I just don't have time in my schedule to workout."  So you mean to tell me, when your health is in the crapper, and you are unable to do ALL of the stuff that is making you too busy to exercise, THAT is when you will workout??  WRONG!  Too late.  Now as a person who today was thinking how busy I am making myself, I know this excuse is worthless.  There is always SOME time to workout.  No it doesn't have to be an hour, no you don't have to workout 3X a day.  All you need is about 20 minutes!  Who knows, maybe you will have THREE 20 minute breaks to workout, great!  I have already posted prior about short circuits you can toss into your day, so I won't repeat myself.  Here are just some examples…..

Run for 10 minutes

Walk for 20 minutes with somq lunges for part of it

Do some situps & push ups at home in the morning

Do 30 burpees

Ride the bike for 20 minutes

Run up your stairs and walk down and repeat!


All doable.  All no equipment needed.  All can be worked in.  Don't let your health hit the floor beore you take action! 

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