Hitting Summer Hard

Hitting Summer Hard

So it's that time again, time to get ready for the pool, bikinis, hanging in the sun, but are you prepared?  I see many people who come in and make the final 3 month puch into summer, trying to get those bodies into bikini shape.  Though I stringly believe overhall conditioning and strength training will lead to that body you want, some are trying to find that quick fix.  I am here to tell you it does not exist!  If it's something that happens quicker then you think, it is probably not the best option. 

Here are some ideas for kicking up your workouts and getting your body into high gear!

**Add a minute of cardio between sets.  I.e. burpees, high knees, jumping jacks, a sprint, a row sprint, ball slams

**Limit your rest breaks.  Time your breaks and try not to rest more for 30 seconds when doing a lighter workout, 1 minute when going for heavier sets. 

**Add on an endurance circuit to the end of your workout.  Even 15 mins of high intensity will help kick it up!

**Throw in some stair runs during your lunch break.  Yep, even 10 mins on the stairs will boost that heart rate and increase your calorie burn

**HIRE A PROFESSIONAL! Can't beat someone who knows what they're doing and specializes in workout program planning.  Make it easier on yourself and ensure results. 


Hope these tips help, but remember, even throwing in a couple extra 20 minute workouts can make a BIG difference in how fast you see results.  Happy Summer! 

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