Workout Newbies Series: Part 5

Workout Newbies Series: Part 5

RULE #5: Supplements Will Help You See Results! 

NO, I am NOT advocating you go out and grab any supplement you can find.  And NO I am not telling you that you NEED supplements.  Think of those supplements that go hand in hand with your diet.  I very rarely recommend supplements and when I do, it is because it goes in line with the client's goals.  Here are some that are for mostly EVERYONE! 

Multivitamin: If you are watching what you eat, you are not getting the total amount of micronutrients that your body needs.  A multivitamin helps fill the void, helps you get those extra vitamins and minerals WITHOUT extra calories!

Omega3: It is recommended that we keep our fish consumption under a certain level.  Well, we all need Omega-3.  Think of it as the brain food of supplements. 

Protein: Most people have a lower protein diet.  A protein supplement is an easy and effective way to incorporate protein into your diet, helping with satiety and muscle retention & recovery. 


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