Workout Newbies Series: Part 1

Here is the plan…..being a trainer at a popular commercial gym allows me to see some good, bad, ugly, weird, unfathomable, and What?!?.  I figured it would be helpful if I share some information on what I have experienced over my years training clients who are brand new to the gym and working out.  I also want to take my personal journey and allow others to use the information to make improvements to their own fitness regimen.  

Let me start with this: Most people in the gym are focused on themselves.  They are there to look better, feel better, and get in shape just like you.  I wanted to put that out there in the hopes that it will help calm some of the anxiety.  I know it can be intimidating walking into a room full of equipment you have never seen, people who may or may not look like they need to be there, loud music, and just feel out of place.  This is the MAJOR reason that I strongly advocate to ALL new gym goers, that they highly consider investing in professional assistance in the form of a trainer.  Not only does it take the edge off but it makes sure you avoid unnecessary injury to yourself.  


RULE #1: Take the time and spend the money to start right!  

A personal trainer (a GOOD one) can help you get organized with your workouts, your nutrition, your plan.  It can make the entry into the fitness scene much less stressful.  Yes, cardio is extremely important to achieving your weight loss goals.  Yes, resistance training is very important for building size and/or building strength and getting toned.  Let someone who's passion is fitness, help you work on all these areas.  Don't be tricked into thinking that running everyday will help you achieve perfection.  It wont!  You need to make sure your muscles maintain strength, you need to make sure you have a flexibility regimen to avoid injury, and you WANT to make sure you build lean muscle in order to INCREASE THE CALORIES YOU BURN!  

If you make one important investment this year, make it your health.  What good are you in any other aspect if your body can't keep up?  

Check out my website for some exercise ideas, bodyweight, things you can do at home, and ease into the process. 

As always, I am always available for any questions, concerns, input.  Please, let me be a resource.  

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