Losing Weight and Feeling Fine ;-)

No, this is not to brag by any means!  I am not a bragger, BUT…..let me say this, what I have been doing has worked and I wanted to share the "secrets".  Well, not so much a secret, more like factual information based on science.  That is all it entails, science.  Despite what you may think or what people may try to tell you, it is all about science.  The law of Thermodynamics.  You can't beat proof!  But I digress, so, back to my success and soon to be YOUR success, I changed my workouts tremendously!  

After my last powerlifting competition in May 2010 and my move to Las Vegas, I decided to put down the 270lb bar and pick up my running shoes.  IMPORTANT: resistance training is still a BIG part of my training and always should be in yours.  All I did was increase the cardio (running, elliptical, walking, bike), tracked my nutrition (fatsecret.com is good and I use myapex.com), AND was mindful of how I spend my time.  What better time then the middle of winter to focus on your fitness goals??  No pressure to get in that bikini….yet!  No pressure to look hot in those little tanks….yet!  

I call this "My Proactive Progress"  Catchy, isn't it?

Here is a basic layout of my workouts, to give you an idea.  Of course, before you embark upon any fitness journey, consult a professional to avoid aggravating injuries or medical issues. 


Mon: morning run intervals/afternoon light resistance & cardio

Tues: morning or afternoon circuit workout

Wed: morning run or cardio/afternoon workout

Thu: Misc

Fri: running(longer distances, longer total time

Sat: Misc/OFF

Sun: long walk/OFF

Ok, doesn't look to intimidating right?  It isn't!  I will say this, whatever exercises you include in your circuits & workouts, make sure they are in line with your current fitness level.  Nothing worse then going to fast, injuring yourself, and having to recover when you should be progressing.  Take it slow…..TRUST ME! 

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