How Important is Your Diet?

SO important!  Let me say this, with all the clients I have worked with and all the workouts I have gone through, the most results were seen from those who kept track of their food.  Tracking your food makes you more aware of what you are eating, allows you to see the calories, protein, fat, and carbs, puts what you "think" into what you "know" and allows you to better plan to hit your fitness goals.  

When I am trying to cut weight for a competition, I track my food.  When I am trying to get those extra 5 lbs I put on on vacation off, I track my food.  When I am just doing my day to day activities, I track my food.  Point being, it works!  There are plenty of programs and options for tracking, but here are two I like and have used.  You can write down your food, but it makes it easier to stay in the dark about what you are ACTUALLY eating.  Using an already set up online program allows you to have an easy way to track the actual calories and macronutrients, making it easier to plan your meals.

I use this site on a daily basis.  it is easy to set up by taking the initial food questionaire.  The big benefit is the menu that is already existent in the program.  Most foods including brand names, are in the existing menu AND you have the ability to plug in nutrition facts and add your own foods to the menu.  You can access it through your smart phone or online and there is an added device that will track the calories you burn, making it even easier to plan your weight loss.

Fatsecret is great because of its community.  It allows you to track your food using menus from popular restaurants and popular food items.  They have forums which include other people trying to achieve their fitness goals, which can act as a great support system for your journey.  Also, you can track your weight loss and measurements using their site and share your successes with other members.  It is free to use and a great way to learn from others and have support as you get in shape! 

As important as exercise is, nutrition is king!  There is a reason you see some people doing the same workout in the gym and they never seem to see results.  If you focus on tracking your food and following a well set up exercises regimen, there is no  reason not to see results in the first couple of weeks.  Happy Tracking smiley

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