How Important is Structure?

Ask any successful business person, athlete, manager, or student how important structure is and I'm sure you'll get the same answer.  VERY!  Without structure, there is no direction and without direction there is usually no success.  Apply this to your fitness regimen and the way in which you work towards your fitness goals.  Now, not everyone is brand new to working out, but at some point everyone makes changes to their routines or their goals.  This is where the professional assistance comes in.  

Some are hesitant to enroll a personal trainer to be part of their repetoire.  The advantage?  Structure.  It is a surefire way to make sure you are on the right track for what it is you want to accomplish.  Now I'm not going to say that 100% of personal trainers are worthy of the title, so here are a few things to look for when scoping out the merchandise.  

1. Your trainer cannot help you reach your goal if they can't reach one of their own.    

Would you hire someone to remodel your home who has never remodeled ANY house?? I hope not!  Then why would you pick a trainer without finding out about their successes?  Many gyms and trainers have their own portfolio of certifications, accomplishments, and strengths when it comes to training.  Ask what your trainer works on, what they focus on for themselves.  No answer = No business

2. You should watch your trainer in action. 

Watch how they train, see how engaged they are with their clients, and take note of the types of exercises they use.  Now keep in mind that each client has different goals, so the exercises you see may not be applicable to you.  But I can tell yu this, if you see a trainer having a 65 year old woman doing 200 lbs on the leg press, you probably don't want to place your trust in them to do what's right for you. 

3. Ask other people. 

Even if you don't know anyone that trains with the specific trainer you are scoping out, you can probably bet that someone has seen this person train and can give you some insight.  If you are looking at a privately owned gym, you should be able to access a profile for the trainer and also take a look at what they are doing with other people. 


So, with that being said, why spend time doing what may or may not be the best for reaching your goal as quickly as possible?  Take proper precautions and enlist a professional trainer to guide and advise you towards your goal.  If they know what they're doing, you're bound to hit your goal with structure and direction.  Make it happen! 

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