Cut Down Refined Sugars Easily!

Cut Down Refined Sugars Easily!

I know there are many people who have issues with HIGH sugar consumption and it's just so hard to cut them out!  Here is an approach that will allow you to cycle on/cycle off and allow your body to adjust.  This wil avoid drops in energy levels and curb those cravings.  I can tell you from someone who utilized this approach to cut back drastically on my sugar intake, that it works!  

The way we are going to do it is a 3 week off/1 week on cycle.  This means for 3 weeks you avoid refined sugars and then allow yourself 1 week on before the next cycle.  Below is a list of sugars you can allow yourself during the 3 weeks cycle.  I would never suggest you cut out ALL sugars, it is a fail proof option.  The goal is to cut back your intake slowly until you get to the point where you no longer have the desire!  


Plain Yogurt(no added sugar)
Agave Syrup
Fruits (whole)
Cottage Cheese


Fruit Juices
Patries, Baked Goods
White Sugar
Protein Shakes
Coffee Creamer(sugar free allowed)
Ice Cream

The list of not allowed sugars can go on and on, but basically if it has ANY added sugar in it, don't eat it!  I will admit the first week is the toughest, but I saw my desire wane in the last 2 weeks so much so that my 1 week on was not even needed.  Keep cycling on for about 2 months(more if needed) and you are bound to see a change.  Energy levels will be up, you will feel less bogged down, you will avoid spikes in blood sugar followed by huge drops, and you'll lose weight!  Try it, it works!! 

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