Six More Days Til Christmas!

Oh boy oh boy, it is almost time!  I'm sure 90% of us have encountered numerous cookies, cakes, parties with the Christmas cocktails.  Go ahead, enjoy!  But wait wait, be sure to control the amount of times in which you "enjoy".  Everyone deserves to indulge for a moment during the holidays, but only if you are prepared.  By prepared I mean sticking to your healthy eating habits, keeping to your workout regimen, kicking it up a notch on those party days.  You can only enjoy if you deserve to enjoy.  There is no magic way to eat and not have it affect our body.  There is no magic holiday pills.  here are a couple things you can do to prepare yourself: 

Do some EXTRA cardio! 

Cut out one of your snacks to limit your calorie intake. 

Add some extra resistance into your routine to keep your muscles working and burning. 

Bring food to work to avoid unhealthy snacking. 

Never go to a party hungry!! 


Enjoy the holidays, enjoy the partying, enjoy your family & friends.  Stay healthy smiley

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