Being Diverse as a Trainer

This is for all you trainers out there who may be feeling the holiday lull.  It is all about diversity this holiday season.  Here are some tips for keeping your business successful as we head into the new year.  

1. Be Flexible. 

As important as it is to hold clients accountable, it is important to realize how busy most of us are.  be sure to look at working out as having to fit into the lifestyle, not the other way around.  Now I may be among those who in fact DO revolve around fitness, but for the average person, there are many other activities that need to get done.  This time of year I cut my clients a little slack when it comes to rescheduling, within reason of course. 

2. Be Open to New Venues. 

You might be a trainer in a commercial gym, do boot camps, or be independent.  Whatever your situation, be open to exploring other venues for new clients.  With so many people looking for trainers and looking to get in shape in the new year, you want to allow yourself to help as many people as possible. 

3. Schedule Smart!

Ok, this is where i contradict myself.  Now flexibility during the holiday is important, however, when the new year begins it is important to make sure you use your time wisely.  Don't let clients take advantage.  Remind them they can lose their "spot" to those waiting to train.  Your time is important and the only way you can help ALL your clients is by being efficient and not wearing yourself too thin.  


I love this time of year!  It is the time to gather yourself and prepare to help those who have a real passion for getting in shape in the new year.  Now, if only I could get them to start NOW……..hey, a woman can dream can't she? 

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