Women, it’s Time For Pull-ups!

As most women, I have always tended to be stronger in my lower body and always behind on the upper body strength.  Then, I focused my training.  Think of it more as a finishing training piece you work into our current routine.  I didn't do pull ups everyday, I worked on the "other" pieces.  Negatives, isometric holds, auxillary work.  The key is to focus on different grips and switch it up.  At the end of your routine, add in 10 negatives with 3 second holds.  Switch up the grips on each one.  Holds on leg raises to strengthen your shoulders.  Add in 10 holds with your ab routine.  You can add in a heavy drop set of bent over rows, assisted pull ups, shoulder presses.  Work your way down from 10 to 1 using intervals of 2, 3, or even 1.  

You cannot forget the strength piece so be sure to work on those utilized muscles, lats, shoulders, biceps, rhomboids.  Work on presses, rows, assisted pull ups, muscle snatch, overhead squats, cleans.  As always, be sure to have your form critiqued beforehand, especially with the olympic lifts.  Give yourself a month and you would be surprised at what you can do.  

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