Run, Run, Run For Your Health!

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

For all you naysayers out there who are anti-running I say, shhhhhh.  Running is one of those activities that people hate or love, but usually those who hate learn to love wink  I went through the overweight stage and revamping my workouts every 6 months or so when I would plateau.  The whole time, I despised running!  "It hurts my knees", "I can't breathe", "I'm too slow".  All popular "reasons" (in quotes because it is just an excuse hidden as a reason).  I can tell you from someone who now runs regularly WITH my lifting regimen, running becomes easier with practice and small, short interval changes.  DO NOT begin by going out to run a mile, you will get frustrated and end up losing momentum in your quest.  Begin with walking and throwing in a 1 minute run every 5 minutes or so.  Slow and steady wins the race and attains success with their runs.  Even now, most of my runs are done as intervals, running 1/2 mile or so and walking a minute to recover.  Plus, it saves time in your workouts.  


Here is where you start: Sign up for a 5K!  That's right, sign up so you have the end goal and can focus your efforts accordingly.  3 miles is a goos starting ground for those who are looking to improve their runs (or just START runs in the first place!).  The most important thing to integrate into your runs is static stretching AND foam rolling.  It will be a lifesaver!!!  Nothing is more aggravating then getting geared up for a long run and 1/2 mile in, your IT bands are tightening or your calves start cramping.  Not….pleasant.  Be smart.  You CAN and WILL run, if you really want to.  

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