One Holiday Down, One to Go!

Ok ok, I am not going to post about how you should not have had that 2nd plate of potatoes, or how you could have done without that 2nd piece of pie, or even how you feel like crap today from guilt.  Look, I know most people are going to indulge a little on the holidays, the key is to keep it confined to those 2 days only!  The best thing you can do for yourself is stay on course with your workouts AND continue to track your food in order to keep yourself accountable.  

Black Friday = Hardcore Morning Workout Day!  What better way to relieve yourself of the guilt and begin today with a bang.  Get in a good workout today, don't think about all the food you ate, don't think about how you did nothing but sit around after dinner.  The objective is to keep your body in healthy mode, keep it on track!  Don't try to go all out and kill yourself, just get in some good intervals for cardio and a mini circuit for resistance.  It will really get your Black Friday off to a good start and it's good training for the big X-Mas Round 2! 

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