Happy Halloween!

Ahh, October, the time for dressing up.  Time for fall weather.  Time for Halloween candy….or not!  With all the candy floating around, make sure to portion control!  I would never say you shouldn't enjoy a risky treat once in a while, but honestly people, 1 piece should satisfy that craving for Kit Kats.  Remember, you are going to have to make up for that candy consumption at some point.  It's either let it find its way on to your body or take advantage of the sugar and WORK IT OFF! 

Here's my advice, if you must consume the sweet treats of halloween, do it early in the day.  Do some longer interval runs, interval rowing, or some hard core plyo circuits to tell your body to use the sugar, do not store it!  It's never ideal to eat candy, honestly, but sometimes the modd strikes and when it does, dig in BUT take advantage.  Don't skimp on your workouts, just because it is a spooky holiday.

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