Time for a Biannual Review

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

The halfway point has been passed for 2010 and now is a good time to review your fitness regimen and make any needed changes.  Whether you are training for a race, powerlifting event, a sport in the fall, or just working out to stay fit, it is always a good idea to modify and change up your routine.  It will help you avoid muscle complacency, stagnation in your workouts, plateaus, and boredom.  If you are running everyday, it eventually becomes easier to run, doesn't it?  Same is true with any exercise, which is why I encourage people to explore interval training, tabata training, circuit training.  All of these will help you progress while keeping it fun and dynamic.


Need some help on finding new exercises to work in?  Check out this awesome site where you can find new exercises along with instructional videos, images, and directions on how to perform each.  it's an awesome way to organize your workouts as well.  


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