Summer’s Gone. Bring on the Fall.

So, I know summer is over which is the time people try to get in awesome shape in order to look good at the beach!  But you'd be surprised how many people get  back into shape around this time of year.  Whether it's because the kids are at school and they have more time or maybe it's that they've been on vacation and need to drop thos margaritas.

If you're looking to get back into working out and wondering where to start, my advice?  Look into hiring a trainer who can get you set up on a program and teach you ways to structure your program to make it the most effective.  For example, circuit training is a great way to keep your heart rate up, hit multiple muscle groups, and make the most of your time.  Set 3 exedrcises together, either for the same body parts, or opposing body parts.  You can even set compound exercises and hit everything at once!  Work three sets of the exercises, limiting the rest between erach set.  It'll save you time to get in your cardio for the day! 

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