The Elliptical Vortex

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

When you go into the gym, how many times are the ellipticals full, the treadmills packed, but rowing machines empty.  No one is jumping rope, usually there are no kettlebell swings going on, and there is probably no one doing bear crawls or lateral runs.  Why is it that we are pulled towards simplicity?  Now don't get me wrong, I STILL do the elliptical, BUT I also run, walk hills, jump rope, do kettlebell work, and perform workout based dynamic warm ups.  ALL are great alternatives for "cardio" that will keep your body guessing and having to work hard. 

Certain injuries will force people to default to a certain type of rehabilitative cardio, but for the most part most people go for what's easy.  Rule of thumb:  If it has got easier, then switch to something else.  Ease of completion means that you are not working as hard as you had to before.  The more you can confuse your muscles, the harder they work and the more calories you will burn.  Also, don't forget the utterly important piece, resistance.  Incorporating resistance will only increase your base metabolic rate which means more calories burned all day long.  In the long run, resistance is king. 

So next time you step into the gym and are going to do 45 on the elliptical, switch it up!  Try something new, confuse your body, and leave the gym knowing you pushed yourself past your normal comfort level. 

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