It’s been a long time….

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

Yes yes, I have been neglecting my blog.  Shame on me.  But in my defense I will say I have now moved to Las Vegas, set up my new apartment, started work today, and managed to have a "by the pool" day already!  Nothing like the desert heat to make you adjust your workout regimen.  So that being said……

Here's the schedule:

MON: Heavy Squat/Assistance work

TUE: Heavy Bench/Assistance Work

WED: O-Lifting, lower body assistance

THU: Misc

FRI: Speed Day Lower body

SAT: Speed Day Upper Body



I have done this schedule before, may mix up the assistance work and speed work.  Still working with bands, maybe chains but not sure, and other changes in weight distribution. 

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