It’s Been A While

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

So…I have to apologize for the week off.  I'm just getting ready to move to VEGAS!  While in the midst of my final training stages, 2 weeks out from competition, I find myself scrounging to make weight.  Needed loss = 9 lbs(better safe then sorry).  My objective, keep my caloric intake around 1500 per day, 30 mins of cardio everyday (sled pulls, weighted walks, stair runs, DB swings), and eat very little and only what I need.  Its gonna be rough, but all in the name of making weight, right? 

Now for those of you who are trying to lose weight, DO NOT follow my lead.  I must say, when cutting to such a low caloric intake, one must be well aware of the amount of each micronutrient you are consuming (protein, carbs, fats).  I am focusing on keeping fat very low, carbs low, and protein steady.  Since most of my workouts are heaver weights and at a lower heart rate, I am focused on keeping the muscle I have and that is all!  Cutting you intake can be very beneficial, but a 1200 calorie cut??  Well, that may be a little more then most can handle, that is unless you love to eat no more then 10 food items everyday :-) 

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