Why Do You Need a Coach?

Would you put on a hockey uniform, step onto the ice, and play in the stanley cup final without a coach?  Well if you value your life I would hope not.  Coaches are supposed to be the experts for whatever sport you may be into.  Same is true when it comes to your fitness.  The risk of injury from improper form is great, especially as you become more advanced in your training. 

As a powerlifter, I absolutely love my coach and appreciate ALL that he has taught me an helped me improve upon.  I see it as a mentor relationship, more learning then paying him to kick my butt!  Each competition we tweak the training method and each meet is better then the last.  That is what it's all about, improving each meet, each game, each attempt.  You only have yourself to compete against and if you don't strive for improvements, why bother playing? 

I train people everyday for different sports or just for improving daily activities.  Everyone is different and will need a different type of program designed for them.  If you want to succeed at your sport, you need to consult those who excel in it.  You won't improve if you are not willing to learn.

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