The Summer Slam

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

If you've been to the gym at the first of the year then you have noticed the onslaught of people there for their New years resolution.  Then, in about mid February, it dies down after most of these people fail to show up.  But right about this time is when people start thinking about summer, vacations, the beach, and having to wear less and show more (hopefully not more of the wrong thing).  Are you a seasonal exerciser?  Instead of freaking out around these times and trying to squeeze a years worth of working out into 2 months, just keep a steady healthy lifestyle and you won't have to worry again. 

I understand, it's a schedule thing.  Or you just haven't made it into the gym for whatever reason.  Just think of these reasons when you are in the gym trying to drop those extra 10 lbs in 2 weeks!  Keeping yourself moving in some way, everyday and eating foods that will keep your energy high, will make it easier around the summer start.  Look at exercising as a fun way to make a change and try new things.  Change up your routine every couple of months.  It doesn't have to be all monotony and boredom and it totally shouldn't.


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