4 Weeks to Go!

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

As we approach the last 4 weeks before competition, It is time to refine the schedule, watch the nutrition, and prepare mentally for the big show.  Previously I was at 181 lbs and am currently around 175ish.  My goal?  165 and a lower weight class with some killer lifts!  The big surprise, no cardio!  That's right, I cut out most of the "cardio" I was doing, biking, elliptical, etc..  I do still walk (low intensity, fat burning cardio and easy on the joints) but have replaced the others with things like box jumps, speed drills, and heavier, shorter circuits. 


If you are kind of stuck, I'd love to help you out with any new ideas and nutrition tips.  I can only speak from experience and constant research on the topicsa so let me help :-)


Happy LIfting!

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