When the Meet Gets Tough, the Tough Find the Next Meet

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

Yesterday was the powerlifting meet, the USPF Silicon Valley Championship and I can say there was good and bad.  Let’s begin with the good, I place 1st in the push pull for my weight class and division.  My Deadlift and squat were solid and I went for extra weight, to push the envelope, on the last attempt.  Bad news….I bombed the bench.  Yep, it happened, on my 2nd meet, on my 2nd lift of the meet and IT WAS HARD ON ME!!  Let’s break down the disconnect.  1st attempt, awesome going in and my practice attempts went so well that I increased my opener to 60kg.  Made the lift, but no god since my but came off of the bench.  Felt easy.  2nd attempt, made the lift, but midway the bar started coming down before I got it up.  after that, I was already defeated.  3rd attempt, increased the weight (out of anger most likely) and missed it.  Total bomb!  It took me about 30 minutes to gather myself, decide to finish the deadlift, and suck it up to a bad day. 

I know now what I REALLY need to focus on in order to get my bench solid.  Core, Back strength, lats, triceps….all the stuff I hate!  But, in order to ensure a successful meet and that my lifts increase and look better, the hard work must be done. 

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    Yeah, I had a friend of mine who owns a web design company and he put it together for me. We are working on improving the design and the layout. I’d be happy to give you his information if you’d like?? Here is his site…


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