Pondering Posture

While dealing with clients all day who sit at a computer, carry cameras on their back, or click a mouse all day, I find myself offering the same solutions to help alleviate the tight- chest- rounded- shoulder syndrome.  Majority of people are at a desk or in such a position where they can slowly develop extremely weak shoulders and upper back muscles, leading to a hunchback look.  Not only is it horrible on your spine but it can make you look sluggish, less lean due to slouching, and not confident.  Here are some tips you can use to help with this all so common problem. 

1. Be sure to stretch While sitting at a desk, your chest is in a tightened position, making it difficult to keep your shoulders back when in a standing position.  A couple of fairly easy stretches you can integrate into your daily routine to help.  While sitting, raise your arms so that your elbows are bent at 90 degrees on either side of your shoulders, hands to the air.  Then, think about pulling your shoulder blades together and pulling your elbows back until you feel a stretch in the front of your chest.  Hold this for 30 seconds or more to loosen up your chest. 

Another good stretch, put both hands behind your back and interlock your fingers.  Reaching down towards the ground, think about pushing your chest up to the ceiling.  Hold for 1 min or as necessary to feel your muscles relax. 

2. Take Breaks I know it's hard to get away from your desk, even to eat!  Be sure to take a break every hour and walk around, do a couple of stretches, or just keep your body moving.  The less you use your muscles and move your joints, the more likely they are to tighten up on you and cause problems down the line. 

3. Add Strength Training There is nothing worse then having weak muscles that can be easily injured or strained.  Integrating even 2 days of strength training into your weekly routine will help protect your bones against osteoporosis, protect you from potential injury, and make day to day activities feel easier!  It can be beneficial to work with a professional to make sure you are using proper form and using proper weights for your current level of fitness. 



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