New Schedule, New PRs!

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning


Thanks to my coach and some reflecting on what my weaknesses are, the schedule is complete!  Now the implementation.  The goals are to increase my bench press weight by working on form, improving lat, tricep, and core strength, work on speed on the squats from the bottom position, and strengthen my core (hips, abs, lower back).  Let the games begin!

Monday: Heavy Lower Body Day/Auxiliary work on lower body

Tuesday: Heavy Upper Body/Auxiliary upper body

Wednesday & Thursday: minor muscles/core/olympic lifting/volume and auxiliary work

Friday: Speed Lower Body/Auxiliary work lighter weight

Saturday: Speed Upper Body/Auxiliary work lighter weight

Sunday: OFF

Made sure to take at least 72 hours between speed & heavy days in order to gain full recovery.  Keep an eye out for workouts to get ideas on auxiliary work.

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