New Schedule Coming Soon….

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

For those of you interested in getting into powerlifting OR looking for some insight into a routine to follow, tomorrow it is on!  The next meet in April has been cancelled and I am not sure when the next one will be.  May not be until late May.  So in any event, I am going to work on establishing a routine, including auxiliary work, for a few weeks, then max out, then start on a new 3 week routine.

For tose of you who have not heard f periodization, it is when you structure your workouts and effort attempts depending on when your meets are.  The benefit is it helps keep you focused on your workouts, allows you for changes based on strength increases, and keeps you inline with your goal.  It is easy to set up, but can be hard to stick to.

So my goal for tomorrow is to find my next meet first of all, and then map out my path to reach my goals of a 150lb bench, 300b deadlift, and 250 squat.  Core and upper body work….NEED IT!  I am going to try to post my workouts and thoughts along with any troubles I come across, so if you are looking for a virtual lifting partner or a new routine to follow, join in and feel free to give feedback on your experiences!

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