Heavy Bench…I Think So

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

First day of my new schedule, benching with chains for a 1RM and upper body work.  Awesome day today!  Worked on my speed to the top on my narrow grip, neutral grip, and wide grip.  Got the weight all the way up to 120lbs PLUS chains (about 50+lbs).  Then maxed out for a minute @ 85lbs narrow grip.  Got to 11 or so before I had to just hold it for he remainder of the minute.  For ancillary work did bent over rows X 10 reps & reverse hypers for 10 reps, 4 rounds.  Then finished up with some GHD situps and some kettlebell see saw presses. (If you are curious as to what these exercises are, feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll fill ya in)  Lots of good back/lats/tricep & bicep work AND hit a good weight on the bench and it felt great! 

It’s a new day and a new training program for May 15th…here I come!

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  1. Great blog, I Just wanted to say that i tried and i can’t connect to the rss reader, you might want install the right wordpress plugin for that to workthat.

  2. Melissa says:

    I’ll take a look at that. I thought it was working fine before. Glad you like the blog! How did you find us?

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