Freakin Friday….Finally!

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

I know everyone is geared up for the weekend and ready to re-lax!  Keep in mind, a break from work shouldn’t mean a break from yourself.  It’s hard to get yourself into the gym when the weather starts getting pretty sweet, so take these tips and run with them.  Great ideas for your days off from heavy training or your “rest” days.  Bodyweight exercises can be great for those trying to stay lean, lose weight, and get some cardio in.  For those of you powerlifters and weightlifters, try an easy solution such as a heavy med ball (you can make your own believe it or not), a tractor tire, and my favorite…sandbags.  You go out in your yard or in a field and get to workin!

Tip 1) do some heavy auxillary work.  Sandbag cleans, carrys, presses, farmer’s walks, runs, or drags can be great side work and let you get outside and enjoy spring. 

Tip 2) On an off day?? Take a heavy med ball and do 15 mins of a 800m sprint right into 20 medicine ball cleans.  If you’re not spent by the end, WORK HARDER NEXT TIME!

Tip 3) Looking to go for a run?  If that’s your forte, go to town, but do not forget the resistance work.  do block sprints with a sandbag on your back, in zercher hold, on each shoulder.  Then stop and get in some burpees, plyo push ups, or jumping lunges. 

Go outside but don’t forget what your goals are.  Keep pushing forward!

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