Build Your Own Equipment….CHEAP!

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

So as I've been shopping for things like resistance bands for speed training, medicine balls for ball slams, carries, wall balls, etc.., and chains for my powerlifting training, I noticed one thing that can be an obstacle….PRICE!  $90 for a 12 lb medicine ball!!  Geesh!  My solutions will prove to be cheap-er and extremely easy to d on your own.  Plus, it's fun to build your own equipment. 

Sand Bags:  I recommend visiting your local hardware store, purchase a few bags, and fill them with the desired weights.  Cheap.  You may also be able to get some from your own town (depends on location) who may give you free sandbags.  All you may need to do is reinforce with some tape. 

Medicine Balls: I have been saving the broken down ones and filling them with sand. Then I tape them up and you have the perfect, non bouncing ball for ball slams.  Weight can vary, cheap to make, and fun to play with.  It's like reincarnating the old medicine ball.   Just cover with duct tape to ensure the sand doesn't escape with all the wear and tear. 

Chains: Again, I think you can visit your hardware store and purchase the desired size and weight, but keep your eyes out for old chains that may be thrown out, or people who just don't need them anymore.  A good way to get some ropes (climbing, tire/sled pulls, etc..)

And last but not least, the good old tire!  Easy, fun, and so versatile.  Spider lifts, tire pulls, tire flips, tire drags, tire carries.  It's good old fashioned fun!

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