Are You Gonna Finish That??

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

I know the focus is on working out and structuring your routines to achieve your desired results, but you know it is AS important to be mindful of your diet.  I hate the word diet, because it sends people scattering.  Let me say this, there are things that you may think you are "not allowed" to eat.  I am here to prove you wrong people! 

Not allowed EAT UP!
Big Mac Cheeseburger w/ fried egg
Donuts Apple w/ almond butter
Milkshake Protein shake with low fat milk, pb, & banana
Cheesy Burrito Wrap w/ eggs, peppers, onions, turkey


Some substitutes for those "bad" foods we all love…..or DID.  I can say that the substitutes can be just as good and sometimes even better then the real thing.  All it takes is a change in your frame of mind and a little dedication to your health and goals. 


cheeseburger pic

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