The Hardest Part is the Mental

Written by Melissa

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Many lifters are MORE then capable of lifting a certain weight, of hitting their PR.  The strength can be there, but there is something else that is involved in those big lifts, those extra reps, one more round.  The mental side of weightlifting is probably 40% of the lift, 60% being strength and ability.  When you walk up to that squat rack, when you prepare for that deadlift, hell even when you are preparing for that long run, what state is your mind in?  If you’re not aggressive, don’t even bother lifting.   don’t care if you’ve hit that 230lb squat five times before, if you’re not ready for the lift, you aren’t going to make it. 

Think about this before you go big.  Your warm up isn’t just about stretching those hips, warming up those shoulders, it’s also about being in the game….mentally.

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