The Base for Every Program….The Squat

Squat How To Pic

Most people have heard of a squat, some even have a good idea on how to do one.  The problem is, out of all the people I see everyday, at least 60% have major deviations in their squat.  Deviations that can cause knee pain, back pain, and unnecessary stress on the body due to misalignment.  Granted there are many variations of the squat, the front squat, back squat, overhead squat, box squat, high bar squat, low bar squat, etc..  but the back squat is the one most people begin with. 

Things to look out for are forward lean of the upper body, usually caused by lack of shoulder strength, lack of ab strength, tight psoas, or just bad habits.  Also, people tend to favor their quads when squatting which leads to knees way over the toes.  The focus should be on shifting your weight back onto your heels, incorporating your hamstrings, and shifting the stress to the glutes and hammies instead of your knees.  For the upper body, focus should be on squeezing the shoulder blades together to keep the chest up and keep the weight from falling too far forward, thereby putting less stress on the lower back. 

It is always good to work with a professional who can give you feedback and work on those cues that are most important to your form.  It is an investment that really pays off, especially if you want to pursue any sport and continue working out properly and safely.

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